Sicuro Group

Company Overview

SicuroIMS is the specialist information service of Sicuro Group LLC, providing extensive threat warning services and analytical insight for clients operating in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa. SicuroIMS services include near real-time SMS and email alerts, daily security briefs and in-depth analytical reports, each designed to assist clients in operational planning, risk management and fulfilling their duty of care to staff and contractors in high risk environments.

On a daily basis, SicuroIMS provides frequent security alert services detailing incidents such as protests, armed clashes, IED activity, kidnappings, route security updates, government security initiatives and any other activity which could threaten clients’ safety or operations. All SicuroIMS alerts are stored and geo-tagged on the SicuroIMS Information Management System (SIMS), which provides users with a number of tools to assist in analysing the security environment, including heat map layering to identify high threat ‘hot spots’, integrated charts for visualising security trends and data export functionality to assist in integrating SicuroIMS data with independent risk assessments.

To complement the alert services, SicuroIMS issues two daily reports – one purely security-focused report and one reviewing all major news stories from the past 24 hours. For in-depth analysis, SicuroIMS also publishes threat assessments produced by our remotely-based analysts on a fortnightly basis. Each threat assessment provides expert commentary on on-going security trends and major political and economic developments, in addition to an up-to-date travel advisory and social media review.

To view sample reports or arrange for a trial of SicuroIMS, please visit the Contact Us page and fill in the enquiry form.

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