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SicuroIMS provides a range of reports to serve the needs of a variety of users, from people deployed in high risk areas, to executives seeking consolidated reviews and trend analysis. SicuroIMS daily reports are delivered in email form and are of a small size to allow for easy access in low-bandwidth areas and avoid unnecessary attachment downloads.

  • Situational Awareness Reports

    Situational Awareness Reports

    SicuroIMS daily security reports are structured as a map graphic with comprehensive daily incident data layered by location, followed by a summary of each incident, including location, time, injury/casualty numbers, infrastructure damage and a brief contextual analysis.

  • Open Source Reports

    Open Source Reports

    SicuroIMS daily open source reports provide an exhaustive collection of daily news organised into five sections: Top News, Security Situation, Political Situation, Business News and Reconstruction Projects. Each report is sourced only from reliable international, regional and local news sources, in addition to a selection of reports from think tanks, niche business publications and specialty blogs.

  • SMS/Email Alerts

    SMS/Email Alerts

    SicuroIMS provides timely and frequent incident alerts sent via SMS and email. Alerts cover security-relevant incidents, including IEDs, armed clashes, protests, checkpoint and route security updates, infrastructure damage reports and any other activity that could threaten a company’s operations or team members’ safety. Alerts are sourced from local news reports, reliable social media posts, on-the-ground information networks, and when relevant, Sicuro’s offices.

  • Threat Assessments

    Threat Assessments

    SicuroIMS fortnightly reports are compiled by expert analysts, each with specialist master’s degrees and substantial in-country experience. Threat Assessments provide an in-depth analysis, both quantitative and qualitative, of security trends, as well as a calendar of key dates to assist in threat forecasting. Each report includes an up-to-date travel advisory, as well as a review of major political and business trends.

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